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The PADI Rescue Diver course significantly contributes to your diving experience, as it provides you with the tools of assisting yourselves and others in various emergencies.



During the course, we learn how to handle and prevent problematic situations which might be encountered during the dive. The course provides knowledge and skills that are important to the safety of any diver out there and at the same time, assists with further improving on general diving skills.



What Do We Learn in the Rescue Diver Course?



The course consists of 3 elements:



1. Theory- Classes in which important information and knowledge required in order to handle various emergencies is obtained, such as providing Emergency First Response, bandaging wounds, treating hematomas, preventing diver stress and panic, treating dangerous medical and mental conditions that might occur during diving, preventing and treating hypothermia and hyperthermia, handling barotraumas and managing emergencies as a rescue diver.



2. Practice- Demonstrating various emergencies in a dedicated pool and in the sea, including self rescue and stressful situations, managing general and equipment-related emergencies, treating divers suffering from fatigue or panic, recovering unconscious divers and evaluating the most proper response based on the conditions – shore or boat.



3. Scenarios- Illustrating real time emergency scenarios while diving in the sea.



The course focuses on practical training in the sea. Practicing all of these emergencies makes the Rescue Diver course an extremely important one, and therefore it’s recommend for any diver.



Upon completing the course, you’re invited to continue developing your professional skills with the PADI Divemaster, Master Scuba Diver and Technical Diver courses.



Course Duration:

The PADI Rescue Diver course takes 3 days to complete. It can either take place over 3 days in a row or it can be split according to your convenience.



Course Structure:

Half of the first day is dedicated to the PADI EFR course (Emergency First Response). Note that anyone who owns an EFR certification which was issued during the last 24 months is allowed to skip this part of the course. However, regardless of your previous experience and issued certifications, it’s recommended to take part in the EFR course for the purpose of refreshing your skills.

The other two and a half  days are dedicated to the Rescue course and the time is divided between classroom theory and rescue skils practice in the pool and in open water




To participate in the PADI Rescue Diver course, one must:



• Have a PADI Advanced Open Water certification (or an equivalent certification from a different familiar organization)



• Own an EFR certification which was issued during the last 24 months. In the absence of such a certification, the student will simply join the PADI EFR course prior to taking part in the Rescue Diver course.



• Be 12 years or older



Upon completing the Rescue Diver course, participants receive the PADI Rescue Diver certification and a PADI EFR certification (if taking part in the EFR course as well).




Price varies from 1900 NIS (New Israel Shekels) to 1480 NIS depending on the number of participants in the course. For a Price qoute please contact me anytime at +972526577995 or by “Contact me

Price includes an international EFR certification, the padi rescue diver certification and  all scuba equipment required for the course.



FREE GIFT FOR RESCUE DIVER STUDENTS – A cool video with images taken during the course as a perfect souvenir!


For further information, please contact me anytime at +972526577995 or by “Contact me



קורס הצלה

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