discover scuba diving The program can be taken every day on a regular basis on 09:00 or 13:00. Time can be arranged individually

The “Discover Scuba Diving” program enables you to experience diving within a controlled, relaxed and safe manner, following nothing but your own pace. The program takes about 3 hours and is divided to 3 parts:


1. Diving theory – together we’ll review the most important principles that should be taken into consideration prior to entering the water.


2. Confined water – a shallow water training in which we’ll get familiar with the wonderful sensation underwater and practice a few basic skills.


3. Dive – We will carry out a wonderful and enjoyable 45-minute dive in the sea.


The program is suitable for anyone at the age of 12 or older.



Why Would You Choose to Participate in the “Discover Scuba Diving” Program?

1. Both the theory class and the basic training in shallow water provide you with a sense of confidence and independence underwater.


2. Up to 4 divers can take part in this program together, therefore allowing you to share the experience with your family and friends.


3. Participating and completing the “Discover Scuba Diving” program grants you with “credit” in the Open Water diving course. Therefore, if you decide to continue your diving education later on, your participation at the “Discover Scuba Diving” program can spare some time and money.




Price varies from 450 ILS (Israel New Shekels) to 360 ILS depending on the number of participants in the program. For a Price qoute please contact me anytime at +972526577995 or by “Contact me

You can be pictured and filmed underwater as a souvenir for an additional charge.

Check out the sample video below

If you liked the experience and ended up with a huge smile on your face, you’re welcome to continue with the PADI Open Water diver course.





For further information, please contact me anytime at +972526577995 or by “Contact me

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