ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER קורס צלילה כוכב שני

Courses begin every Friday on a regular basis and can be arranged on other days too

The PADI Advance Open Water scuba diving course follows the Open Water course and it’s perfect for those who wish to improve on their diving skills.


Upon picking up the basics during the Open Water course, the Advanced Open Water course provides you with advanced scuba diving skills while you dive in the best sites Eilat has to offer.


The course consists of two days and includes 6 dives, 3 of which are mandatory.


3 Mandatory Dives


1.A deep dive in which we learn how to safely plan and carry out deep dives of up to 30 meters.


2. A navigation dive during which we practice underwater navigation by using a compass and being assisted with natural environmental characteristics.


3.A “summary” dive during which we improve on our most important diving skills and techniques, such as proper buoyancy and movement underwater.


3 Elective Dives


As my students, you will have the privilege of selecting the elective dives according to your personal preferences and points of interest. There is a wide variety of alternatives, including Peak Performance Buoyancy, Night, Photography, Wreck, Multilevel and Dive Computers, Nitrox, Underwater Naturalist and more.


I believe each student has his own unique pace and therefore my classes always consist of small groups of up to 4 students, allowing each diver to receive the most personal attention and to feel comfortably. This will also allow you to pick your own choice of elective dives and the specific dive sites in which you would like to visit.


Upon Completing the Course


Each of the dives carried out during the Advanced Open Water course is also the first dive of the corresponding specialty course. PADI specialty courses allow you to further learn about the diving aspects and skills which interest you most. So for instance, if one of your Advanced Open Water dives was a wreck dive, once you would like to specialize in wreck diving, you will only have to complete 3 additional dives (instead of 4) in order to complete the Wreck Diver specialty course. This enables you to spare money and time!


** The course can take place over 2 days in a row or it can be split according to your convenience




Price varies from 830 NIS to 750 NIS depending on the number of participants in the course. For a Price qoute please contact me anytime at +972526577995 or by “Contact me


The price includes a PADI international certification and rental of all diving equipment required for the course.


FREE GIFT FOR ADVANCED OPEN WATER STUDENTS – A cool video with images taken during the course as a perfect souvenir!



For further information, please contact me anytime at +972526577995 or by “Contact me

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