Hello, my name is Yaniv Mizrahi and I thank you for choosing to browse my web site. Israel-Dive Scuba Diving In Eilat Israel, is a business I’ve established upon gaining many years of experience as a senior scuba diving instructor. My goal is to provide scuba diving instruction services of the highest standard.

I first discovered the world of scuba diving in 1997. I was charmed by the amazing underwater scenery as soon as I began my first diving course. An unbelievable variety of colorful fish and the sense of feeling weightless underwater ensured that this is only the beginning of a long romance.

During the years I have logged many dives and in 2003, I decided to turn diving from a hobby into a profession.  That’s when I took my first steps in my professional scuba diving career.

I started with a Rescue Diver course and continued with the highly evaluated PADI Divemaster course.

A short while after, in 2004, I took my PADI scuba diving instructor course. Since then, I continued to climb up the professional certification scale of the organization, until I have reached the prestigious certification of a PADI IDC Staff Instructor.

During these years, I worked as a scuba diving instructor in one of the leading diving centers in Eilat. At some stage, I was appointed as the chief instructor and school manager, a job which I’ve carried out for two wonderful years. This was an opportunity for me to continue my education program, as I’ve further studied the theory of diving, a variety of diving skills and the different scuba diving instruction methods. I was also certified as a master scuba diving instructor, qualified to conduct specialty courses such as Deep Diver, Wreck Diver, Nitrox, Night Diver, Dry Suit, Underwater Photography, Videography, Dive Propulsion Vehicle and more.   

In 2010, I decided to become an independent scuba diving instructor and to establish my own diving school – Yaniv Mizrahi – Diving Instruction. Ever since, I have certified hundreds of scuba divers within various certification levels and dived with thousands of customers in Israel and abroad, including Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and Sinai diving safaris.

In general, teaching is one of the greatest pleasures of my life. I began teaching at the age of 16, when I got certified as a first aid instructor in MADA (Magen David Adom – the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross first aid organization). I continued with scuba diving instruction and today, I teach in a youth association called UNISTREAM, as well as in the management faculty of the Ben-Gurion University, where I graduated my bachelor’s degree magna cum laude in business and economics.

I believe that each customer deserves professional guidance and therefore I offer years of experience, the highest instruction standards, highly maintained equipment, use of advanced teaching tools, and pleasant, welcoming and personal customer service. All of the activities I conduct are carried out in small groups, ensuring that you receive the personal attention required in order to learn diving within the most professional and pleasurable way.

My current PADI certification level is PADI IDC Staff Instructor, a high rank which qualifies me to teach in scuba diving instructor courses.

I’m certified to conduct introductory dives, guided dives, refresh dives for certified divers, Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses, PADI EFR (Emergency First Response) courses, Rescue Diver courses, Divemaster courses, PADI Assistant Instructor courses and a wide variety of specialty courses, such as Deep Diver, Nitrox, Night Diver, Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Dry Suit, Underwater Naturalist, Photography, Videography and more.

In addition to diving instruction, I have a vast educational teaching experience with kids and youngsters.

what do i offer

why me

I consider safety as a top priority underwater. Scuba diving is incredibly fun. The amazing sensation of hovering weightless, while discovering the underwater realm and enjoying its spectacular scenery of fish coral reefs is basically a concentrated dose of adrenaline released into the body. However, in order to be able to enjoy this spectacular feeling, one must feel safe. Therefore, in all diving activities I teach, guide or escort, safety considerations are greatly emphasized. During the process of gearing up for the dive, assembling the equipment and examining it, carrying out a buddy check prior to entering the water and throughout each phase of the dive itself – safety means are comprehensively practiced. In addition, I maintain all equipment to meet the highest safety standards out there. The motto here is clear, simple and leaves no room for compromise – safety, safety, safety!
I conduct all scuba diving activities according to the high standards of PADI (=Professional Association of Diving), which is the most professional scuba diving organization in the world. PADI certifies approximately 2 million divers a year worldwide, while 70% of all diving centers around the world teach by the PADI program. I consider professionalism as a supreme value and realize it by years of experience, high quality equipment, a fancy diving facility, fully equipped and advanced classrooms, a practice pool and organized areas for comfortably gearing up. I fully commit to all of these factors and features, as I believe they are an inevitable part of offering the most professional service.
Environmental Conservation
The way I see it, when learning how to dive, one grows to be part of the scuba divers family. This family strongly believes in preserving and conserving the most precious treasures of the sea - coral reefs and the fish they inhabit. This vision is expressed throughout all diving activities I conduct. I provide my students with full information regarding underwater living creatures and together we learn to share respect to this magnificent world. We also study and practice safety means, which assist us with preserving the underwater environment.
DIVING IS FUN! The fact it’s a serious hobby doesn’t mean that it’s carried out without joy. On the contrary - we dive for our pleasure! The diving courses I conduct integrate a pleasurable experience with personal and pleasant customer service, humor and respect to my students. The fish and the corals are responsible for all the rest, and believe me – they’re fully up to it! When planning a joyful experience, I take into consideration even the smallest details, such as enjoying the longest bottom time possible, studying in small groups, taking a break for a hot shower or sauna in between dives during wintertime and jumping into the refreshing pool in the summer.